Tips for Hosting a Christmas Party

Invitations for holiday bashes go out early. Before every day of the season gets booked up, get your bid in for a Christmas party. Spread the word early so that all of your invited guests are available to say yes to your invitation.

If you are going to throw a Christmas party, you want all of your friends and family in attendance. Invite neighbours, coworkers, and others who you know and love to celebrate the festivities and make merry.

Now in order to host such a legendary party, you’ll need to start planning as soon as possible. Here are some great tips for getting that party off to a good start.

  1. Print up gorgeous invitation. Card programs on the computer usually include party invitations that can be personalized for your needs. Try for a Saturday afternoon a week or so before Christmas. As it gets closer to the holidays, your available days and times will get shorter. Include party theme (if applicable), menu (if applicable), and time frame for the party, and address. Don’t forget to ask for an R.S.V.P.
  2. Start on the party planning. What games will you have? Are you serving finger foods or a catered meal? Is the dress casual or dressy? Will there be recorded music or a DJ to play requests? Is this a party with alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages? Are kids invited? What is the capacity of your home? All of these questions will get you started on the planning.
  3. If you plan on catering, then RSVPs to your invitations are important. You’ll need an accurate headcount for ordering. If everyone has not responded two weeks before your party, call the non-committed invitees and ask for a response.
  4. Buy your decorations. This is a party, so your home needs to look the part. If it is a themed party, decorate according to the theme.
  5. If kids are invited, consider hiring a babysitter to watch the kids and play games with them.  Many Christmas parties are for adults only. If yours is one of them, state that in the invitation so guests can find child care.
  6. Move all breakable items out of the room. If there’s going to be dancing or games, something is bound to get knocked down or kicked across the floor. Store these things out of sight.
  7. If there is a bar, offer to drive your guests home if they get inebriated. No one wants their friends to drive drunk and hurt themselves or someone else.
  8. Set your house up early that day so that you have time to dress before the caterers arrive or if you are serving the food, before the food is ready. Have a list of games and supplies ready beforehand to play at the party.

Christmas parties can be so much fun. Make yours a party to remember and more importantly one you as the host can enjoy without stressing over every single detail.