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Shop Your Own House: Reinvent Storage Solutions for Your Home Using Items Already in Your Home

One of the biggest causes for disorganization and clutter is a simple lack of space. There’s just not room enough for everything you own. It’s a common problem and fortunately there are solutions that don’t need to cost you a cent especially when you shop at home. Instead of going out and buying a new storage or furniture, discover what you already have at home that you can repurpose, that is, use in a different way that will help you get more storage in your home.

Here are our top 7 ideas for common items found at home that can be reused to help you get organised and stay organised:

  1. Hang a shoe organiser with clear plastic pockets in your kitchen pantry. It’s great to hold smaller items such as packets of herbs or stock cubes. Because the pockets are clear, you can easily see what is in them and because the pockets are small in size, you can only store a few things inside so things won’t get lost.
  2. Paint a wall in your house with magnetic chalkboard paint and write your schedule & week’s menu on it, as a place to draw & hang pictures and inspirational sayings. If you are renting or don’t want to commit to a wall, you can achieve the same effect by using a large picture. Remove the glass front and backing board, paint the board and then reinsert. Hang the picture on the wall.
  3. Love to entertain? Have too many bracelets? Use bracelets you don’t wear as napkin rings. Beautiful and functional!
  4. Under the stairs is often a wasted space. Use the space as a home office or library using shelving from timber you have stored in the garage.
  5. Armoires or bookcases can be used in a room to create separation between spaces. For example, two armoires can be set up between the lounge room and a work space. The armoires provide storage solutions and serve as a room divider. You can place decorative bins on top of the armoires to store more items.
  6. Shop your closet.
  7. Double duty furniture & furniture that doubles as storage space is a great way to keep items handy yet also out of sight. For example, a coffee table that offers storage space inside or underneath for remotes, magazines and small items is extremely useful. An ottoman or side table that doubles as a chest can store blankets and seasonal pillows.