5 Kitchen Organization Tips to Clear Your Counters & Pantry

You spend a lot of hours in the kitchen preparing, serving and cleaning up after your meals and as a result the kitchen can become quite busy and messy. Take a look around your kitchen countertops and you may well find that you have a lot more kitchen gadgets and appliances than you realized. These handy kitchen organisation tips will help you stream line the countertops in the heart of your home.

  1. Create zones. On your kitchen countertops and workspaces you probably tend to focus on certain tasks. For example by the sink you probably do most of your chopping. The countertops by the stove are reserved for serving up your meals. Make sure your tools fit the job. If you chop and dice fruits and veggies by the sink then the knives and cutting boards should be within easy reach.
  2. Hide the rarely used appliances. A kitchen countertop may house a toaster, coffee maker, espresso machine, blender, juicer, grill and so on. Many kitchens have appliance overload. Put away the appliances that are not used on a daily basis. Also, if you can replace them with appliances that do double duty, a toaster oven for example, then you save valuable counter space.
  3. Invest in drawer organisers. There’s nothing worse than not being able to find the utensil you need for the job. Consider creating a countertop utensil holder for the utensils used on a daily basis. The rest get stored in a drawer with a utensil organiser.
  4. Utilise space saving storage. There are so many wonderful storage devices now. You can triple the number of cans a cupboard can hold with a can rack. You can pour cereal into stackable storage containers and eliminate that cluttered shelf full of half full cereal boxes. Determine what you need first and then head to the dollar store or home goods store for solutions.
  5. Keep it clean. Once your kitchen is good and organized, create systems to keep it clean. A clean kitchen just makes you want to put everything back where it belongs. It’s motivating.

Organising your kitchen doesn’t have to take hours. Take a look at what you have, what you use and the space available and plan it out before you start making changes. What can you get rid of? How would you like your kitchen to look and feel? Embrace these tips, organise your kitchen and add the finishing touch by keeping it clean. You may just find you will enjoy your newly organized kitchen even more and be inspired to create even more mouthwatering dishes.