When Procrastination Prevents You From Decluttering

How many times have you determined you were going to get organized and then failed to do so?  Procrastination is one of the common reasons for sabotaging your decluttering efforts and can often be in response to feeling overwhelmed by the task around you.

Procrastination can look like the following:

  • Becoming distracted before you can even get started, by some other project which seems more important
  • Mental apathy and exhaustion taking you over the minute you even think about decluttering
  • Getting bogged down in paperwork, before and during your decluttering efforts
  • Allowing nostalgia to take you over when you’re decluttering
  • Guilt at throwing away perfectly “good’ items
  • Putting off action to some nebulous future date
  • Continuing to buy new items when your house is already overflowing
  • Indecision about where to start your whole decluttering process
  • Looking for perfection and wanting to do things ‘the right way’

Feeling overwhelmed when you look at the mess your house is in can stop you from starting the decluttering process.  You take one look at the clutter and do everything in your power to not declutter.  The project seems too large and you simply don’t know where to start.

Consider Newton’s Law.  To get a stationary object (that’s you) to move, a force will first need to be applied to it (that’s your will power).  Once started, the object will then continue until another force is exerted to stop it.

To get yourself started on decluttering you will need to have a kick start or incentive, but once you start you will most likely find that you like the results and continue on.

The kick start can come in the form of a shock, or a need of some sort.  For example, family/friends are coming to stay with you for the holidays.  Or it maybe that a personal incentive that will give you the first little spurt of energy to get going.

Don’t put it off for tomorrow
Remember, tomorrow never comes and ultimately this will show in the state of your house as your piles of clutter grow ever bigger waiting on tomorrow.

Start today and do a 15-minute dedicated round of decluttering.  Continue doing this for a few days and you will find that you will make progress. You need to start somewhere, and at some point in time, so why not make the time now?