Turn Spring Decluttering and Cleaning Into an Event

Spring cleaning comes from our need to welcome in the new brighter, sunnier seasons by brushing off the gloom of winter in our homes.  Let’s take spring cleaning a step further and make it a two step process of decluttering and cleaning.  Set out a day or two in a year for decluttering and cleaning can be good for the soul of your house. By setting these days out in advance and even going to the extent of marking them on the calendar, you get yourself motivated to really give your home the thorough clean it needs.

Spring Decluttering

Dispose of items you haven’t used in heaven knows how long and you had even forgotten about its very existence until you came across it again in your spring clean.

Use your spring decluttering as an opportunity to throw out unwanted clutter which has piled up over the months. Go through whatever piles of clutter have accumulated through the past months and throw whatever you have no need for, what you have forgotten the existence of, and whatever is lying in a broken or torn.

Spring decluttering is also liberating because once you throw off the shackles of attachment you have to your unwanted items, you will find you have opened yourself up all the joy of the spring and summer.

Spring Cleaning

Set one day aside for spring cleaning because it’s always nice to be able to throw open the doors and let the fresh spring air come in after a long cold winter.

This is when you need to put your decluttering tips and tricks to best use and when you will ultimately get most of the work done. If you have a large house, organize your day accordingly.

Spring cleaning need not necessarily be about cleaning the entire house even. It could just be a really good excuse to turn the whole house upside down and to air everything.

And if that doesn’t appeal to you, instead of going through the entire house turning it on its head, you could just set yourself to tackle the rooms which get the least amount of cleaning at any given time.

You can make your spring cleaning day an annual jaunt so that you can tackle the things you let slide over the year on this day. You know that it will come around and you know that you will motivate yourself to get something done, even if it is only to review your belongings and to air things out.

Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Those Who Are Time Poor

  1. Clean out your refrigerator by removing everything from the fridge and giving it a good clean out with warm water and a rag.  Spray with vanilla essence to remove old food odours and freshen your fridge.  Toss anything that has not been used recently and only return items to your fridge that are fresh, within their use by date, and you will use.
  2. Run a dishwasher cleaner through your empty dishwasher to descale and freshen.
  3. Air your doonas by throwing them over your clothes line and letting the sun and wind do their work.
  4. Clean your windows so they sparkle and then open your windows and let the fresh air flow through your home and revitalize.