What Our Clients are Saying…

Q&A with Annette Lattanzi

Q. What difference has our organising service made to you?

A. Narelle, the thought of tackling the job of transferring my two children (5 & 2 yrs) from two to just one bedroom to free up the nursery and finding some storage space for the room we dubbed ‘The Dumping Pit’ and getting this all done before our new baby arrived, was so overwhelming we thought we would just try to buy a bigger house. Thank goodness I found you! Not only have you saved us the time, stress and money of buying a new home before baby Gemma came along but we have found new order to our lives which is now flowing into other rooms in the house with our new found skills of organization.

Q. What specific result/s have you experienced following our organising service?

A. Kids will always make a mess and be untidy during play but at least now the mess is confined to one area of the house and the kids know that everything now has a home to go to when they are finished which is all so easily accessible to them.

Our study is now a place where we can think, study and work without looking at a pile of laundry, boxes and bookwork etc scattered from one end of the room to another. Our new wardrobe which you designed for us fits everything and more away from sight, is practical and has added immense value to our home for when we wish to sell.

Q.  What would you say to someone thinking of using our organising service?

A. This is some of the best money I have ever spent.

I would highly recommend Successful Living. Narelle gets you organised in a very calm and soothing way. I was dreading it but it was a great experience. My life is in control and I don’t feel overwhelmed with paper. I have a sense of calm, control, not stressed seeing mail, paper & filing everywhere. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Name Withheld, Former Human Resources Director Asia/Pacific

Confronting the mess we were in, the sheer volume of “stuff” we had collected and the enormity of the job ahead and then looking at it through your eyes, I felt overwhelmingly embarrassed, nervous and inadequate. None of this was a reflection on you though, and when I just relaxed a little and decided to trust in my first impressions of your confidence and ability in what you do, your non-judgmental attitude and your totally “can-do” approach, my admiration of you grew and grew. I suppose to a certain extent, every day after that became a unique experience. As you have helped me at various stages I have marveled at the “unique” way you are able to work. Where we see mess, even chaos – you just seem to see a puzzle waiting to be solved. You can see where the pieces fit before anyone else can. This goes with that, that goes with this, this doesn’t even belong in the picture at all and so on.  Better yet, you have empowered me to try to look at my ongoing project in much the same way. That is a real gift Narelle, and I will always feel glad you came into our lives and grateful for your friendship.

Rosemary, Carindale

I  have moved houses a number of times recently and had gotten into a mess I thought I would never get out of.  With 3 kids, I never seemed to have time to tackle unpacking my boxes and I had even forgotten what were in some boxes.  Now I don’t recognise my house.  It is so organised!  I know where everything is as I have an easy system in place. I feel in control and ready for anything.

Maree, Crestmead

I not only got my house sorted out, I got a new lease of life. The feeling of being in control is priceless. I can’t thank Narelle enough!

Margaret, Ayr

The garage section we worked on is going so well – I have been so organised these last few days and productivity has increased – SO pleased – can’t wait to get on and do more.

Name Withheld, Pacific Pines

Getting ready for our annual beach summer holiday only took me 30 mins – because I knew where everything was. Normally this takes me half a day. Being organised feels so good!

Caroline, Tingalpa

I am a busy professional and have always been frustrated with “traditional” systems for organising my home office. Narelle worked with me to develop a system that matched my personality and preferences and I am now able to maintain my home office effectively and efficiently, with minimal frustration, since January 2007. I am amazed at how easy it is to be organized now!

Cheryl, NSW