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About Successful Living

A self confessed puzzle nut, I learnt the art of organising from my parents and both grandmothers. Growing up on a sugar cane farm in country Queensland, I watched my parents and grandparents model organising traits with their involvement in CWA, church, and other charities. And naturally running a farm involves highly evolved organising skills.

Travelling and working overseas certainly opened my eyes to how different cultures and personalities approach the organising of life. The truth is that different personalities use different strategies to stay organised. If you are overwhelmed because your home or office is a mess or you are constantly saying “I can’t find….” then chances are you are trying to use an organising system that is not right for you.

Skills that have been well honed in a successful 15 year management career in Human Resources and Learning & Development serve me well in my own business as I work with people at all levels of corporate life and at all stages of life.

Being a professional organiser is part problem solver, part visionary and part coach. Often when people are so overwhelmed by the chaos around them, they cannot see how anything can be done to improve things. I provide the vision of what is possible, create systems that suit the client’s personality and lifestyle, guide the client through sorting and storage, and then celebrate with them when they have a space that truly reflects who they are. Ongoing support is a given.

I also hold a Masters of Education – Training & Development and a Graduate Diploma of Management and am an active member of the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO).

I’m the person you call when you seek calm from the chaos – and long to fall in love with your home again!