Organising the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of most used parts of the house as this is where we prepare food for our loved ones.  An organized kitchen inspires us to cook delicious dishes, stimulating us to whip up nutritious and creative meals for our family.

But what if the kitchen gets too cluttered?  Will you still manage to inspiringly cook delectable dishes?  Can you create meals quickly and easily?

An organized kitchen can make your cooking experience enjoyable and fun.  A simple decluttering can do the trick.  To make this happen, here are simple tips for organizing the kitchen.

  • What’s causing clutter in your kitchen?   An easy method of decluttering items out of the cupboard is to group like items together and declutter unnecessary pieces and multiple items.  You only need one of most items so remove items that you’ve doubled up on and donate them to charity.  You can do a good deed and free your kitchen from clutter all at the same time.
  • Place kitchen appliances where they are easily accessed. Place small appliances on top of the counter. It saves time and effort when appliances are positioned near its specific working area.
  • Organise your preparation space.  Make your preparation area adjacent to the stove.  Organize cooking and food preparation items by stacking condiments and spices onto a 2-shelf rack for easy grasp. Store vegetables in a basket nearby and place knives and cutting boards around the same area.  You can hang often-used pots and pans near the stove for easy access.
  • Systemize your food cabinets.  Place canned goods together, jars together, and bottles together.  Put powder or loose items, e.g. flour, sugar, pasta noodles in see-through containers.  Label them so as not to mistake sugar for salt; label them with date of purchase and expiration.
  • Arrange cookware, chinaware, and kitchen utensils by purpose and size.  Use drawer dividers and utensil trays to put together ceramic and glass wares and position them small ones placed first in line, making it easier where to look at.
  • Make use of your walls.  Racks and pegs are very functional hanging devises with which you can hang your cooking utensils and even not-so-often used pots and pans.
  • Reorganise your refrigerator.  Use clear, flat containers to store food for visibility and so you can stack containers on each other to maximize space.  Label those with expiration dates.
  • Clean up as you go. Place used dishes and utensils into the sink right after each use.  This will save you time cleaning up when you’re done cooking.
  • Apply finishing touches.   Tidy up your kitchen after each meal and put everything back in its places.

As we say, “Practice makes perfect!”  Make keeping your kitchen organised automatic and a daily habit and you can enjoy a perfect, clutter-free and organized kitchen.