Get Organised at Home by Creating More Space

Clutter is not just a result of having too many things! It can also be caused by not having enough space or storage for your belongings.  In fact, I see many people who are able to get organised once they have sorted out their lack of space and used the right storage containers.

If you don’t have space to put things away then you can be sure that everything will somehow or other wind up taking up valuable bench, table or floor space somewhere in your house.  So what can you do to stop the spread of your things and create more space?

It’s a three step process:
Step 1:  Look above
Step 2:  Look below
Step 3:  Look around you

It’s as easy and simple as that. If you look closely you will find that there is space above things like cabinets and shelving units and these little places can come in handy.

The same thing applies for step 2. Once you clean out the dust bunnies from under your bed, you would be surprised at the amount of space that you have under there, and what exactly you can store there.

To create the appearance of space you will want to keep as much space as you can in the area which is about eye level as this will create an impression of spaciousness.  And if you have only minimal items here, you can even look uncluttered to boot!  Use this space wisely so that you can accomplish your decluttering efforts without a hitch.

Be mindful of the storage containers you use.  A crate is all well and good under a table or in an unobtrusive corner where you can’t see it properly, but the very last thing that you will want to do is to place a crate right at eye level where its negative visual impact will undo any good that you have been doing so far in your decluttering efforts.

These days however it is very easy to lay your hands on boxes and things which you can use to fill the remaining space in your house.  You also have the choice of buying double-duty furniture, like a bed with storage space underneath it, or a coffee table with storage space underneath it.  You can get a shelving unit that doubles as a TV stand, and if you’re pressed for space you can even use a futon to act as your sofa and bed.

When looking to increase the space in your home to store items, remember to look above, below and around you.