Decluttering for Those Who’ve Tried to Get Organized Before & Feel They’ve Failed

Do you feel you’re the only person in the world who can’t organize their home and declutter? Have you tried many times before and feel like you’ve failed each time?  Are you currently in a mess and looking for help to get you started on decluttering. Here are 5 tips to get the most organizationally challenged amongst us started on decluttering your space:

Think small

To begin with, you need to think small. Don’t try to dive into the deep end before you can swim otherwise you will find yourself giving up before you have even started, and may even create more confusion than when you started.

Don’t tackle the worst cluttered room in your house first. If clutter is an issue for you and you have tried to declutter before without success, tackling the biggest decluttering job in your house is probably the worst thing that you could do for yourself at this stage.

So think small. Start with something as simple as a magazine stand or a sock or underwear drawer. These are manageable things that you can finish quickly and get a sense of satisfaction about.

Each time you complete a small declutter job, you will feel a sense of triumph at having reached out and taken control of your life. This will, in turn, help you create a solid self belief that you can achieve success with your worst cluttered room.

Set a Time Limit

Before you start, set a time limit on your decluttering efforts. Commit to staying with your job (and decluttering) until the time is up.

As a beginning declutterer on a small job, the ideal time is 10-15 minutes. After you get into the swing of things, you can then up the ante and set your time limit higher. If you feel invigorated and want to do more, then do so by all means. The only thing here is not to become dispirited and leave it before your allotted time is up.

Be Thorough

Don’t do a slapdash, slipshod job. Be thorough about what you’re doing, otherwise you will just end up having to do it again.

And there’s nothing more depressing than feeling like you are decluttering the same things over and over again when there is no visible outcome.

Be Ruthless

If you haven’t used it, worn it or even remembered its existence in the past year (two years at the most) then you really should get it out of your life.   You have the option of either throwing it away, donating it to charity if it’s still in a good condition, or placing it for sale in a garage sale of your own.

Keeping Momentum

When you finish you first decluttering task, you should then plan to move on to the next one. You don’t need to start a new project straight away but you do need to set a day and time when you will start your next project.

In Conclusion

The key to decluttering is to start small and give yourself a time limit.  Stay with your decluttering project until you have completed it or your time limit is up and set a day and time when either you will complete this project or start a new project.  Little by little, you will achieve your decluttering goals and feel fabulous about yourself again.