Counting the Cost of Our Belongings

The cost of our belongings needs to be measured in not only the money we have spent to buy them but also the time and energy they consume to keep them in our house.  For every item you bring into your home, there is a cost to you in time and energy to maintain that item – whether it be washing, ironing, dusting, washing up, putting away or a combination of these things.  If you are complaining about not having enough time and are always feeling run down, do a quick check in your home because chances are, you simply have too much stuff and are exhausted from maintaining your belongings.

So the next time you consider buying another ‘small’ item or an item on sale, ask yourself do you have the time and the energy to look after that item in your home.  I’m thinking the chances are pretty good that you would rather enjoy a sit down with a great cup of tea than spend more time dusting or moving things around or beating yourself up because you aren’t doing those things and know you should be.