Clear Your Clutter & Help Qld’s Flood Victims

If you are like many others, one of your New Year’s goal was to get organised. Life certainly can get busy and all too often we lose sight of our resolutions and fall back into old patterns.  So if you have been putting off getting organised at home or work then now is the time to make a change once and for all and clear your clutter, get organised and enjoy the peace and calm only an organised life can bring.
When you book one of our personalised home or business organisation services during January and February, we will donate 10% to The Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal to help support the emergency relief efforts in Queensland.
You can also make individual donations to the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal by going to:
The Qld floods has left a lasting impression on each one of us whether we have been directly impacted or not. Make 2011 the year to finally get organised and live in peace by calling us today on 0423 007 975 to book your personalised session.