Productivity & Time Management

Are You Exercising Your Earning Potential?

How much do you exercise? Do you agree with new research that has found a link between how much we exercise and how much we earn?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has found that people in the wealthiest earnings bracket had the highest participation rate in activities such as running, swimming, walking, weight lifting and aerobics. The study found the wealthier had more free time to exercise.

Irrespective of your income, daily exercise/activity needs to be an important part of everyone’s life as it is so good for balancing moods and reducing stress.

If you are struggling to manage your time, as counterintuitive as it sounds, take a 30 min break and go for a walk. You will return refreshed and reinvigorated and be more productive. 30mins too much? Go for a quick 5min walk every hour to recharge. I’m not sure about income and exercise being linked and I do know that productivity and exercise are.

You can read more about the ABS study here: