Are You Exercising Your Earning Potential?

How much do you exercise? Do you agree with new research that has found a link between how much we exercise and how much we earn?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has found that people in the wealthiest earnings bracket had the highest participation rate in activities such as running, swimming, walking, weight lifting and aerobics. The study found the wealthier had more free time to exercise.

Irrespective of your income, daily exercise/activity needs to be an important part of everyone’s life as it is so good for balancing moods and reducing stress.

If you are struggling to manage your time, as counterintuitive as it sounds, take a 30 min break and go for a walk. You will return refreshed and reinvigorated and be more productive. 30mins too much? Go for a quick 5min walk every hour to recharge. I’m not sure about income and exercise being linked and I do know that productivity and exercise are.

You can read more about the ABS study here:

3 Step Plan to Finish Your Unfinished Business

Just about everyone has unfinished business…those things that we say we will get around to one day and of course ‘one day’ never comes.

It could be getting in contact with a friend we haven’t spoken to for ages or fixing the shelves in the laundry.

Here is a 3 step plan that even the worst procrastinator can follow to get your unfinished business, well, finished.

  1. Get all those niggling ‘to do’ things out of your mind and written down on paper. Your brain will thank you because it no longer needs to worry about remembering all those things.
  2. Select one unfinished ‘to do’ thing and do it today. Do the same next week and every week for however long it take you to tick off your list.
  3. Congratulate yourself on having more energy, a clearer brain and feeling oh so relaxed.

Whilst it is obviously better to do things when they come up, it is not always possible. So keep a running ‘to do’ list and every six months go through this 3-step plan to re-energise and reconnect.

As for my dirty little secret unfinished business that Katie Clift on radio 96.5FM made me fess up to:  cleaning up my email inbox. I’m sure I have about 4000 read emails just sitting in my inbox. Guess I know what unfinished business I will be cleaning up this week?! 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 🙂  I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed 2010 and that your Christmas day is full of love and gratitude.

For me, I am grateful for my family who continue to support and encourage me and are my greatest cheerleaders. And I am so very thankful for my friends and all the laughs we’ve enjoyed and for sharing the ups and downs of life.  Both the good times and bad times are better when shared.

Wishing you a 2011 full of all the best things in life. Here’s to lots of laughs in the year ahead 🙂

How to Organise and Simplify Your Life

Life can get pretty chaotic. No matter how much you accomplish, it always seems like there’s something else you should be doing or something more you should achieve. In these moments, you have to take a step back to find the peace.

If you don’t find peace within the chaos, you’ll soon be leading a stressful and unfulfilling life. While you may want to achieve as much as you can, you also want to make sure that you don’t lose yourself or your sanity in the process.

Tips For Finding The Peace
Follow these tips to reduce the stress in your life so you can find some peace:

1.    Trim your schedule. If you find that you’re taking on too much, it’s time to go over your schedule and drop what needs to go. It’s hard to admit that you don’t have superpowers sometimes, so you must concentrate on giving yourself a manageable schedule.

2.    Get organized. When your life feels chaotic, it’s probably disorganized. You’ll feel out of whack and as if you don’t even know which end is up. You can combat this feeling by staying organized, keeping lists, and valuing your time. You can still take on a lot, but only if you’ve got an organized plan in place!

3.    Plan an escape. Whether you need to get away from an ongoing busy life, or one chaotic situation, you have to give yourself an escape from time to time.

  • Plan a mini vacation or give yourself an evening if you’re short of time. The point is that you need to make some time for yourself.
  • Read a book or play a video game, but do something that allows you to unwind.

4.    Pace yourself. One way to manage chaos in a healthy way is to properly pace yourself. You need to preserve your energy so you can make it through the day. Doing so allows you to keep a clear head and rejuvenate your mind.

5.    Practice a peaceful activity. One easy way to maintain some peace is to take up a peaceful and relaxing activity. Consider going to a yoga class or trying meditation. These acts are not only relaxing, but they also allow you to adapt your thinking so you can regularly achieve a peaceful mindset.

6.    Accept your situation. A chaotic life can be overwhelming or even depressing at times. Instead of promising yourself a better life in the future once the chaos is gone, you can give yourself one right now. Accept that your life is in a chaotic state, but take the big step toward finding peace.

Find What Works For You

Most importantly, focus on slowing down, simplifying your life, and allowing yourself the chance to fix the imbalance you might be experiencing.

Even a small effort can help you in a big way. If you’re taking the time to find peace, you can also create your personal definition of that peace. That might be finding a person who can help you unload your problems, or perhaps you might enjoy journaling or reading inspirational books.

Whatever is peaceful for you, do it on a regular basis – for you and for those you love.