Car Games for Kids (And the Adults)

Holidays usually means we will be spending more time in the car driving greater distances to visit family and friends or to go away on holidays. Here are our tips to avoid the inevitable “Are we there yet?” cries from the backseat.
  • Create a bag for each child with new fun things like books, games and comics.
  • Pack energy bars, fruit, poppers and water.
  • Create a music folder on your ipod of music that both you and your kids love.  After all, there are only so many times you can listen to The Wiggles!
  • Collect together a great range of car games to keep the kids entertained. Here are a couple of our favourite car games:
    • Car Bingo – create cards with pictures of items that the kids need to look for. If you are heading to the sea, make up a bingo card with pictures of palm trees, the sea, sand, surfboard, etc. If you are heading to the country, make a bingo card with pictures of cows, sheep, tractors, ute, shed, etc.
    • Noughts and crosses – plain paper and a coloured pencil is all your kids need to play this fun game.
    • Hangman – once again, plain paper and coloured pencils are all you need to test you and your kids knowledge of words.
    • Cars and License Plates – have your kids write down all the different brands and types of cars. They can also do this for license plates, noting the different States.
    • Alphabet Game – starting with the letter A, one child names something they can see that starts with the letter A. The next child then names something they see that starts with the letter B. And so on through the alphabet. Remember to have your turn too!
    • Colour Game – each person chooses a colour and then on your count, each child looks for as many passing cars in their colour. When you call stop, the child with the most points wins.
    • Drawing – have plain paper and coloured pencils so your kids can draw.

Keeping the kids entertained on car journeys can be a challenge however with a little bit of planning and organisation, you will find that your car trip can be fun and enjoyable.