3 Step Plan to Finish Your Unfinished Business

Just about everyone has unfinished business…those things that we say we will get around to one day and of course ‘one day’ never comes.

It could be getting in contact with a friend we haven’t spoken to for ages or fixing the shelves in the laundry.

Here is a 3 step plan that even the worst procrastinator can follow to get your unfinished business, well, finished.

  1. Get all those niggling ‘to do’ things out of your mind and written down on paper. Your brain will thank you because it no longer needs to worry about remembering all those things.
  2. Select one unfinished ‘to do’ thing and do it today. Do the same next week and every week for however long it take you to tick off your list.
  3. Congratulate yourself on having more energy, a clearer brain and feeling oh so relaxed.

Whilst it is obviously better to do things when they come up, it is not always possible. So keep a running ‘to do’ list and every six months go through this 3-step plan to re-energise and reconnect.

As for my dirty little secret unfinished business that Katie Clift on radio 96.5FM made me fess up to:  cleaning up my email inbox. I’m sure I have about 4000 read emails just sitting in my inbox. Guess I know what unfinished business I will be cleaning up this week?! 🙂